2012-2013 College Football Transfer List

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Below is a list of college football transfers for the 2012-2013 season. Did we miss somebody? Did we get something wrong? Let us know in our comments section below.

*Does not include year player would have to sit out.
**Can play right away at new program.
Strikethrough indicates a player has already been dismissed from his new school.

Graham Stewart Linebacker 3 Years
Aaron Green Running Back 3 Years
A. J. White Cornerback 2 Years
Phillip Sims Quarterback 2 Years
Jalen Saunders Wide Receiver (CFT speculates) 2 Years
Darious Cummings Defensive Tackle 2 Years
Jeff Luc Linebacker 2 Years
Robert Steeples Cornerback 1 Year**
Aaron Lynch Defensive End 3 Years
Max Garcia Offensive Tackle 2 Years
Danny O’ Brien Quarterback 2 Years
Brock Haman Linebacker (CFT speculates) 3 Years
Justin McCay Wide Receiver 3 Years
Dayne Crist Quarterback 1 Year**
Jake Heaps Quarterback 2 Years
Darius Terrell Tight End 3 Years
Eryon Barnett Defensive Back 2 Years
Anthony McDonald Linebacker 1 Year**
Mike Ragone Tight End 1 Year**
Taylor Reed Quarterback 3 Years
Jacob Karam Quarterback 2 Years**
Josh Shaw Cornerback 3 Years**
Kellen Jones Linebacker 3 Years
Michael Dyer Running Back 2 Years
Khiry Cooper Wide Receiver 1 Year**
Justin Henderson Defensive End 3 Years (?)
Tim Patterson Linebacker 3 Years (?)
Patrick Nicely Quarterback 1 Year
Nick Isham Quarterback 3 Years
Tra Carson Running Back   3 Years
Garrett Gilbert Quarterback 2 Years**
Marc Deas Safety 2 Years
Derrick Lott Defensive End 1 Year
Cortez Johnson Cornerback 3 Years
Brandon Williams Running Back 3 Years
Josh Williams Defensive End 1 Year**
Nick Crissman Quarterback 1 Year**
Carlton Thomas Running Back 1 Year
Jordan Webb Quarterback 1 Year**
Isaiah Bell Linebacker 1 Year
Kyle Padron Quarterback Eastern Washington 1 Year**
Adonis Smith Running Back 2 Years
Ross Metheny Quarterback South Alabama 2 Years**
Jordan Whiting Linebacker 1 Year
Jeff Godfrey Quarterback (CFT speculates) 2 Years
James Farrow Cornerback 2 Years
David Durham Fullback 2 Years
Calvin Howell Defensive Tackle 1 Year
Kevin Newsome Quarterback 2 Years**
Marcus Coker Running Back Stony Brook 2 Years**
Jerome Williams Linebacker 1 Year
Chris Lopes Defensive Back 1 Year
Andy Summerlin Quarterback Samford 2 Years**
Kyle Prater Wide Receiver 2 Years
Brock Berglund Quarterback 3 Years
Nick Montana Quarterback Mt. San Antonio 3 Years
Pete Thomas Quarterback 2 Years
Paulay Asiata Offensive Lineman 3 Years
Austin Vincent Wide Receiver 3 Years
Ryan Katz Quarterback 1 Year**
Dillon Baxter Running Back San Diego State 2 Years
Brice Butler Linebacker 1 Year**
Jeremy Cash Defensive Back 3 Years
Derek Owens Cornerback Alabama State 2 Years*
Phil Smith Offensive Lineman 1 Year**
Tyler Gabbert Quarterback 3 Years
DaMarcus Smith Quarterback
Darrell Smith Cornerback Jacksonville State 2 Years**
Josh Doctson Wide Receiver 3 Years
Lynden Trail Defensive End Norfolk State 3 Years**
Jay Prosch Fullback 2 Years**
Trevon Randle Linebacker 3 Years
Amir Carlisle Running Back 3 Years
A. J. Derby Linebacker 3 Years
Mika’il McCall Running Back Southern Illinois 3 Years**
Matt Milton Wide Receiver 2 Years
DaAnthony Arnett Wide Receiver 4 Years
Braden Hanson Quarterback North Dakota 2 Years**
Brian Wagner Linebacker 1 Year**
Michael Strauss Quarterback Richmond 3 Years**
Jordan Love Cornerback 1 Year
Darius White Wide Receiver 2 Years
Arrington Jenkins Linebacker JUCO
Avis Commack Cornerback 1 Year**
Gerald Christian Tight End 2 Years
Robert Clark Wide Receiver 2 Years
Bryce McNeal Wide Receiver 1 Year**
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