College Football Hall of Fame Snubs: The Hall is a JOKE!

We all know Phillip Fulmer, Jimmy Johnson, Ty Detmer, Art Monk, Dave Casper, and Johnathan Ogden lead the headliners for the 2012 College Football Hall of Fame class.

All of those guys deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. No doubt about it. Congratulations to all of them.

But, I am here to talk about the guys who did not get in the hall, and to educate everyone why the College Football Hall of Fame is a complete joke, and an embarrassment to all other sports and their respective Halls of Fame.

One could argue that the NCAA football championship is also a joke, without a true playoff system, or a true national champion. We complained for years and years that the system of AP national championships, and “claimed” national championships was a completely and utterly stupid way of trying to deem a respectable face for the sport we love. Then, we begged just to have a true championship game and ended up with an even more flawed BCS system. For example in 1991, we didn’t like our title game to be #1 Miami vs #11 Nebraska. Miami was playing for a title and an undefeated season while Nebraska was looking to ruin the Hurricanes’ national title dreams.  That just didn’t make sense.

Now, we as college football fans, have to beg for something else:  Change the way we vote in college football players into the Hall of Fame. A really dumb rule stating that only one football player from a school can get voted in during consecutive years prevented some really good candidates from being honored this year.

The exemptions from this class are as follows:

Tommie Frazier: 33-3 as a starter, with two national titles, four conference championships, 62, 666 yards total, and 83 TDs. Most of us watched Nebraska every Saturday just to tune in to watch Frazier. Nearly 20 years after he suited up for Nebraska for the last time, he still has not gotten in. Why? Nebraska lineman Will Sheilds was honored in 2011. However, Frazier was on the ballot this time around, and he wasn’t even voted for. Why have him on the ballot? Who knows, because I sure don’t either.

The late Derrick Thomas: Thomas still holds the FBS single season record of 27 sacks. I can’t even fathom how he is still left out after almost 30 years of  not playing college ball and 15 years after his death. Marty Lyons from Alabama was elected in ’11. Contrary to the same report, Thomas easily made the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009, and the year he recorded 27 sacks he finished 10th in the Heisman balloting.

Brian Bosworth: Not sure that you can exclude the two time Dick Butkus winner and feel that you have the best players in college football in your Hall of Fame.

Orlando Pace was the only player to win the Lombardi trophy twice but he is still not in the hall because Eddie George made the cut in ’11.

To be clear with all of you, these are just a few that got the big middle finger today, and some of these players will still be waiting 5, 10, or even more years because of a pointless rule that makes no sense to anyone including the voters themselves.

I’m quite fed up with old timers that love their tradition (ie Rose Bowl that has to be a Big 10-Pac 12 matchup) and stupid pointless rules that don’t make sense. We beg for a true national championship. We got it. We begged for playoffs and we finally appear to be stepping in the right direction for that too.

Now we need to beg these old guys to change the Hall of Fame balloting rules.

Top 100 Players in the NFL 2012

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This is my first year of ranking the Top 100 players in the NFL. First, I compiled a list of over 250 players worthy of consideration in my list, and after that it got harder.

Where are your favorite players on the list? Do you have disagreements or do you like the list?

Tell us in the comment section below.

Notable Snubs: Matt Schaub, Josh Freeman, Michael Griffin, Fred Jackson, Clay Matthews, and so many countless others who could have made lists done by other NFL fans. Lets be real. Its really hard to make a Top 100 list. To take 100 out of over 1500 players in the league is a hard task. Make sure you remember that, and if you think this list is “so bad you can’t stand it”, go make a list yourself. It’s not easy.

 Rank  Team  Player  Postition
 1  Green Bay Packers logo Aaron Rodgers QB
Simply the most accurate passer in the league. The football IQ and the will to succeed put him here.
 2  New Orleans Saints logo  Drew Brees  QB
- A terrific passer and the face of a long lived doomed franchise. With that in the past, this guy is still changing the entire face of New Orleans.
 3  Detroit Lions logo  Calvin Johnson  WR
    As the new Madden ’13 cover guy, Johnson will continue to show up cornerbacks this year. Last year he received for 1686 yards with 16TDs. People need to bury the so called “Madden Curse”
 4  Minnesota Vikings logo  Jared Allen  DE
Statistically the best DE in terms of rushing the passer, falling just short of the sack record by .5. Just a complete monster, and a nightmare for offensive coordinators.
 5  New England Patriots logo  Tom Brady  QB
The General was No. 1 in NFL.coms list last season. I think Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are going to be better than they were last year, again. That my friend is SCARY!
 6  Baltimore Ravens logo  Ray Lewis  LB
The never aging “Sugar”Ray Lewis is just THAT good.
 7  Philadelphia Eagles logo  Nnamdi Asomugha  CB
Didn’t really start going in the new defense with Andy Reid until week 14. A year of training camps and a good sized preseason will help Nnamdi stay atop the best cornerbacks today.
 8  New York Jets logo  Darrelle Revis  CB
Im not falling for the Revis hype. In my opinion he is still a step behing Asomugha.
 9  Baltimore Ravens logo  Ed Reed  S
The Ballhawk Ed Reed should bounce back from a lackluster 2011 season getting only 4INTs and 44 tackles. As a safety, thats not bad. But it seems like Ed always has more.
 10  Houston Texans logo  Andre Johnson  WR
If he never had any hamstring problems, it would be something else he would be missing a game for. Nonetheless when he is 100% He is one of the fastest and most versatile wide receivers the game has to offer.
 11  Baltimore Ravens logo  Haloti Ngata  DT
This guy is just a beast. A little slow, but Ngata will get the production he needs to stay near atop this list
 12  Dallas Cowboys logo  DeMarcus Ware  LB
 Chasing down Jared Allen for the most sacks this past year. With 19.5 sacks and 58 tackles, Ware is still the face of a Dallas defense that is ever so improving.
 13  San Francisco 49ers logo  Vernon Davis  TE
Game winning catch in divisional playoffs against the saints was the highlight to Davis’ year last season. He had a productive 16 games where he carried his young offense to a tremendous offensive breakout.
 14  Arizona Cardinals logo  Larry Fitzgerald  WR
The most athletic WR in the league by far. He can still catch anything. He had over 80 catches for 1400 yards.
 15  Denver Broncos logo  Peyton Manning  QB
-May have been injured all of last year, but he is the sergent for a reason. New team, new scheme, no problem.
 16  Buffalo Bills logo  Mario Williams  DT
Overshadowed by the Ware/Allen race, Williams was still a viable sack threat that led a defense with DeMeco Ryans. Williams now heads to Buffalo where he also hopes to lead them to the playoffs like he did in Houston.
 17  Green Bay Packers logo  Charles Woodson  CB
It seems as though Chaz is somewhat forgotten after Nnamdi Asomugha and Darrelle Revis had breakout seasons with their respective teams over the last two years. This guy may be getting up in age, but he can still play a great shutdown corner role.
 18  Cleveland Browns logo  Joe Thomas  OT
Young up and coming Joe Thomas has quickly risen into one of the top offensive tackled in the league. Drafted 3rd overall by Cleveland, Thomas is still not at the top of his game. He will get even better.
 19  San Francisco 49ers logo  Patrick Willis  LB
The core of the 49ers defense is here in Willis.  97 tackles, 2 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and an INT. Not bad for the center of attention.
 20  Philadelphia Eagles logo  Jason Peters  OT
I really don’t care what people say about this pick at #20. He is honestly one of the better O-Lineman in the NFL. He will miss the entire year, but he will be roaring back in 2013.
 21  Dallas Cowboys logo  Jason Witten  TE
Still a premire TE in the game, and had a down year. However passes were going to Dez Bryant, and Laurent Robinson. Both who sparked the Dallas offense in the middle of the season. Witten is established, and is still on the top tier of TEs.
 22  New York Giants logo  Victor Cruz  WR
What didn’t this guy catch? Eli Manning would lob a pass up and Cruz would catch the football! Seems to me that Cruz is starting to come on as one of the better wideouts in the game.
 23  Tennessee Titans logo  Chris Johnson  RB
Some people say that he got paid, and now will lose his motivation. I, on the other hand do not believe so. After having no training camp, and limited practices before the season, I think he was a bit rusty. He really never caught fire till the last couple weeks …
 24  Washington Redskins logo  London Fletcher  LB
I always loved hearing this explanation on Madden NFL 12. Here is Gus Johnson’s words “And now to introduce the Redskins defense is the great London Fletcher out of John Carroll College, the former point guard on the basketball team is still one of the best linebackers in the league” … Must I say anything else?
 25  New York Giants logo  Osi Umenyoira  DT
Injured for a lot of the season, the Giants could trade him to a team that needs pass rushing help. Guess what? A lot of teams are interested in his services.
 26  St. Louis Rams logo  Steven Jackson  RB
I don’t know how he has great stats playing on a woeful team. Maybe this will help as Jeff Fisher takes over the squad …. Action Jackson and his hair are top 30 worthy.
 27  Miami Dolphins logo  Jake Long  OT
Just like Joe Thomas, Jake Long was drafted top 3, errr… Number one in the NFL draft a few years back. He is impressive.
 28  Baltimore Ravens logo  Terrell Suggs  LB
 70 tackles and 14 sacks made him earn a pro bowl berth last season. Well deserved, too. He will miss at least half of the season due to a torn achilles tendon while playing basketball.
 29  Tennessee Titans logo  Michael Roos  OT
Roos is not going to be a flashy guy, nor is he ever on a great team. But he is one hell of a player.
 30  Baltimore Ravens logo  LaDarius Webb
 Webb ended the season with 5INTs and and 68 tackles. That was nice, but what really garnered him the probowl buzz? He didn’t allow a single touchdown the entire season! In Fact QBs have only got a 55.6 QB rating against Webb last season. That’s top notch quality. Webb also is pretty good on special teams, too, which makes him an elite player.
 31  Denver Broncos logo  Champ Bailey  CB
   Champ Bailey is still one of the top corners in the league despite only 39 total tackles and 2INTs. Champ is widely considered the leader of the D in Denver. He should have a lot better season this year even though teams don’t like to throw the football his way.
 32  Philadelphia Eagles logo  Mike Vick  QB
   The best running QB in the league. Vick has recovered from the past, and has really turned himself back into the player he once was.
 33  Pittsburgh Steelers logo   Ben Roethlisberger  QB
   Big Ben never has the stats. Thats all I have ever heard. Its true too. Stats aren’t all that matters, though.
 34  Houston Texans logo  Arian Foster  RB
   Arian really bursted on the scene in 2010 gaining over 1600 yards and compiling over 1000 yards again last season. He is definitely an elite back now.
 35  New York Jets logo  Santonio Holmes  WR
   Coming off of a very disapointing 2011 campaign, Holmes is now going to be the Jets’ #1 receiver, and should be a lot more productive last year. This spot is more based off potential for next year, as still a young Mark Sanchez gets back to work.
 36  New England Patriots logo  Rob Gronkowski  TE
   Tom Brady’s favorite target. He was not very effective in this past year’s Super Bowl. Coming off of ankle surgery, expect him to have another 1000+ yard receiving year, and a good year for your fantasy game.
 37  Minnesota Vikings logo  Adrian Peterson  RB
   He would be higher if he didn’t tear his ACL. He would be the best back on the list. Yet he is the best in my opinion, but who knows how this injury will play out. He tells everyone he should be fine for week one, but who knows. We don’t know how that will effect his play.
 38  Arizona Cardinals logo  Patrick Peterson  CB/ST
   The best punt returner in the league now, yes, better than Hester for now, he has clearly solidifyed that. He amassed 699 total punt return yards, including a 99 GW against the Rams.
 39  San Francisco 49ers logo  Carlos Rogers  CB
   How do you follow a 99 yard punt? Intercept six passes, and have 43 tackles. Rogers had a breakout season, and he is starting to shine light onto a killer niner D.
 40  New York Giants logo  Jason Pierre Paul  DT
Does this guy do anything wrong? He can sack the QB, block field goals, he is just getting on all the coaches nerves! HA!
 41  Detroit Lions logo  Ndomukong Suh  DT
Suh was a hot prospect out of Nebraska. Drafted by the Lions, he became an instant star. Then he became somewhat of a dirty player by stepping on a helpless football player and getting suspended after he quote “was just trying to get up” ….
 42  Oakland Raiders logo  Darren McFadden  RB
   Here is part 10531654168 of the injury list for this part of the season. McFadden was not available down the streach for THE RAIDAAAAZ, and that really hurt them. If he stays healthy, he will easily get his second 1000 yard season of his career.
 43  San Francisco 49ers logo  Mario Manningham  WR
   He caught the most infatic pass in the Super Bowl last year as Eli Manning threw up a freakin prayer. Manningham is turning into a complete wide out, with the skill set to do and catch just about anything.
 44  Baltimore Ravens logo  Joe Flacco  QB
This 44 and 45 spot seems about right for both QBs. If you look closely at the numbers, you would be amazed at how completely identical they are.
 45  Atlanta Falcons logo  Matt Ryan  QB
   Unable to win a playoff game keeps Ryan to be #44 on this list. Man, I really cannot believe their stats are identical (nearly)
 46  Green Bay Packers logo  Greg Jennings  TE
   In 2010 Jennings ran the ball horrible. He rushed one time for -1 yards the entire season. He came back in 2011 and you would’ve thought he was the best rusher in football raising his previous total by 100%. 0 yards in 0 rushes. That’s what led the Packers to a 15-1 record. Forget Aaron Rodgers.
 47  San Diego Chargers logo  Antonio Gates  TE
   Gates’ tenure in the NFL is making for a shoe-in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame 5 years after he retires. Another typical gates season, 750+ yards receiving, 7-10TDs. For the record he had 7 of those for the Chargers in 2011.
 48  Chicago Bears logo  Matt Forte  RB
   Just unfortunate for Forte as it seems like he just can’t get off the franchise tag talk in Chicago. It doesn’t stop him from playing great football though. Just a tough and gritty player.
 49  Cleveland Browns logo  Joshua Cribbs  WR
The most forgotten kick returner in all of the NFL.
 50  New York Giants logo  Hakeem Nicks  WR
   When I first saw him make that grab behind the back with one hand at UNC, I knew he was going to be great. Nicks proved me right especially in 2011 with 76 receptions and 1192 yards. Cap that with 10 catches and over 100 yards in the Super Bowl …. Just an awesome player.
 51  Chicago Bears logo  Devin Hester  CB/WR
   The guy still had 3 TDs off of kick/punt returns. He is still one of the best the game has to offer. He is shattering Gayle Sayers’ record for kick/punt returns in a career. That should be enough to get him in the Hall, too. It got Mr. Sayers in, and he played less than a decade.
 52  Philadelphia Eagles logo  DeSean Jackson  WR
   Jackson was less than electrifying in 2011 after no kick returns for touchdowns. It was a shame, however, he probably had his mind on the money he thought he deserved. Now he has it. How will he respond?
 53  San Francisco 49ers logo  NaVorro Bowman  LB
   143 tackles, and 2 sacks. In his second year Bowman is coming onto the big stage, and in the spotlight.
 54  New England Patriots logo  Vince Wilfork  DT
   Wilfork is just the big man in the middle that anyone would love in the middle of any d-line. He is big, strong, and powerful. 325lbs of pure muscle. Thats what it seems like.
 55  Denver Broncos logo  Von Miller  LB
   NFL Defensive player of the year Von Miller was the center of attention in the Broncos scheme of winning besides Tim Tebow. Yeah, Timmy didn’t do everything.
 56  Pittsburgh Steelers logo  James Harrison  LB
   Harrison may be portrayed as a “dirty player” but he still had 9 sacks and over 55 tackles when it was all said and done.
 57  New England Patriots logo  Wes Welker  WR
   The peskiest and sneakiest wide out in the NFL. You can not stop him in the slot either.
 58  Denver Broncos logo  Elvis Dumervil  DE
  FROM LOUISVILLE …. composed 9.5 sacks last season in a scheme and defense that just goes to the benefit of himself. He is Tom Jackson (from Sunday NFL Countdown)’s favorite player
 59  Indianapolis Colts logo  Reggie Wayne  WR
   Easily the best player from just a horrible team. He was 40 yards short from his 8th straight 1000+ yard receiving year. Andrew Luck should be good for Wayne though as he will obviously be his #1 target.
 60  Green Bay Packers logo  Jermichael Finley  TE
   One of the better younger talents in the league. Finley continues to grow, and has set career high numbers with 55 catches for 767 yards. He will just keep getting better.
 61  New York Giants logo  Eli Manning  RB
   He won yet another Super Bowl and MVP of Super Bowl again. That alone puts Manning on this list. He has become a more productive passer. The Giants are going to be scary this season.
 62  Indianapolis Colts logo  Dwight Freeney  DE
   Freeney is probably going to stay with the Colts despite the cleaning house from Jim Irsay. This means Freeney is going to change position to OLB after the Colts change pace to move to a 3-4 defense. Don’t write him off however, he can still put up numbers.
 63  Detroit Lions logo  Matthew Stafford  QB
   What a gutsy QB! Resiliant and brilliant kid as he claimed the 2011 Comeback player of the year award. Detroit made their first postseason since I was knee high to a grasshopper. The Lions are back baby!
 64  Miami Dolphins logo  Cameron Wake  LB
   I love this guy. The Dolphins do, too. After recording 22.5 sacks in the past two years and making the pro bowl, his contract now runs through 2016. Miami has a gem.
 65  New York Jets logo  LaRon Landry  S
He has been battling injuries, and now has a new team. The Jets are hoping that this one year $4M deal with Landry pays off. I think it will.
 66  Carolina Panthers logo  Steve Smith  WR
Smith played well under rookie QB Cam Newton. He is also looking to boxing this offseason to engage his body to a new routine. Smith believes this will help him improve his awareness on the field especially on passes that he left incomplete that he didn’t get his feet in bounds.
 67  Washington Redskins logo  Chris Cooley  TE
   Chris Cooley is one of the more forgotten talents on the Tight End side. One of the few weapons Washington even had over the past 10 years besides Santana Moss…
 68  Jacksonville Jaguars logo  Maurice Jone-Drew  RB
4.7 yards a carry and over 1600 yards has put Mau-Jo in great company for elite RBs.
 69  San Diego Chargers logo  Eric Weddle  S
Here is one guy that wasn’t effected by the lockout. Weddle recorded a career high 7 interceptions.
 70  Carolina Panthers logo  Cam Newton  QB
   Offensive rookie of the year Cam Newton has given hope and a new look to the NFC South. Also set the most passing yards in a single season for a rookie with over 4,000. Newton is such a special talent.
 71  Kansas City Chiefs logo  Dwayne Bowe  WR
   Seems like everytime I draft Dwayne Bowe in a fantasy league, I get highly rewarded. He scores touchdowns, and is the main receiver in KC. If Matt Cassell stays healthy, this offense can be very good.
 72  Dallas Cowboys logo  Tony Romo  QB
   After a very gutsy season playing most of it with broken ribs, Romo seems like he is going to have a very special year in 2012. Although, I say this every year, Romo just needs to learn how to take care of the football in the 4th quarter.
 73  Baltimore Ravens logo  Ray Rice  RB
Ray Rice could be the the best back in the league this year, who knows. When we get a new list done before the season, I also might change my positioning of him on my list. But when backs want new deals, its usually a raw deal for the organization. 3 straight 1200 yard seasons is not a bad reason to want a new deal, however.
 74  St. Louis Rams logo  James Laurinaitis  LB
The Head of State in the huddle of the Rams defense. Laurinaitis found something for Rams fans to cheer about. 142 tackles 3 sacks and 2INTs is not something to snicker at. This guy is just a beast.
 75  Minnesota Vikings logo  Kevin Williams  DT
Was a down year for one half of the Williams twins, and thats what it was for Kevin. Not getting a sack until week 12, Williams ended the year with 5. The lockout effected everyone.
 76  Houston Texans logo  Jonathan Joseph  CB
Joseph got a quick jumpstart to last season and seemingly all over the field. He recorded 4 INTs and 44 tackles last year with the Texans.
 77  Oakland Raiders logo  Richard Seymour  DT
Seymour isn’t going to be great for your fantasy team, but he did record 6 sacks. He will return to the Raiders this season after getting his roster bonus.
 78  Atlanta Falcons logo  Roddy White  WR
Roddy White can break away from most corners, but against the Giants? He was held in check in January and didn’t get anything. The corners for the G-Men aren’t that great either. Sorry.
 79  Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo  Aquib Talib  CB
Hit by the injury bug, Talib didn’t have as great a year as most expected. He is a talented CB though, and he should bounce back.
 80  Buffalo Bills logo  Steve Johnson  WR
 Even a lingering groin injury didn’t stop Bills WR Steve Johnson from counting to 1000 in receiving yards last year. He was the spark that led the ‘Buffs to a 5-0 record to start off the ’11 campaign right.
 81  New Orleans Saints logo  Darren Sproles  RB
700 receiving yards and 600 rushing yards. A complete back.
 82  Seattle Seahawks logo  Earl Thomas  S
Thomas is a good solid cover safety. Amassing 98 tackles and 2INTs.
 83  New Orleans Saints logo  Sedrick Ellis  NT
Ellis has become a monster on the front four of the saints D. Only problem has been the injuries setting him backwards a bit.
 84  Miami Dolphins logo  Davone Bess  WR
 Bess only started in 4 games last season. I think he could turn into a star this year for Miami. He caught 51 passes for 537 yards as a backup. He has the potential.
 85  Chicago Bears logo  Jay Cutler  QB
Had he not got hurt, the Bears would have been in the playoffs. That simple.
 86  Tennessee Titans logo  Kenny Britt  WR
   Before his season ending injury early last season, he was on pace to have the best receving year in Titans/Oilers history. It just was not a year to be a WR in the state of Tennesse.
 87  Pittsburgh Steelers logo  Casey Hampton  NT
One reason he is so low on this list is because of his ACL tear in his right knee (make that three times in his career) … He may miss a portion of the season due to this tear. He suffered it in January.
 88  St. Louis Rams logo  Scott Wells  C
   The best center in the league, in my opinion. He plays exceptional in the trenches. His blocking and creating holes for the running back is just exceptional.
 89  Chicago Bears logo  Lance Briggs  LB
105 tackles and a INT? That’s pretty impressive for Briggs after he bounced back from a non 100 tackle season for the first time in his career in 2010.
 90  Buffalo Bills logo  Jairus Byrd  S
98 tackles and 3 INTs, with a TD gets you on the list. He is one piece the Bills can build around for their defense. Oh, they have Mario Williams now? Hmmm….
 91  New York Jets logo  Nick Mangold  C
   One of the better centers in the league, Mangold continues to own in the trenches.
 92  Jacksonville Jaguars logo  Marcedes Lewis  TE
   He would be higher on this list if his production didn’t drop way below his usual standards. Although with Blaine Gabbert, this offense is just a disaster and the offensive line isn’t good either.
 93  Cincinnati Bengals logo  Andy Dalton  QB
   Dalton went 300/516 for over 3300 yards in his rookie season. The only thing he didn’t do was beat the Ravens or Steelers. The Bengals went through a pretty easy schedule otherwise en route to the playoffs. It will be interesting to see what he does during a tough schedule. With that on the table, I am by no means saying any win in the NFL is easy, either.
 94  Dallas Cowboys logo  Jay Ratliff  NT
   This nose tackle for the Cowboys has been extrodinary since Jason Ferguson left for Miami. Although he also really doesn’t have the stats, he is a force up the middle in the Rob Ryan style defense.
 95  New York Jets logo  Sione Pouha  DT
   Pouha will not help you in the fantasy leagues, and is unreliable, however, he is still productive on the football field. He does a lot of things you don’t see on the statsheet in your local Monday Morning Newspaper.
 96  Washington Redskins logo  Brian Orakpo
   59 tackles and 9 sacks, is nothing to sneeze at. Not only that his Geico commercials with the caveman? Yeah, those are hilarious too!!!!
 97  Kansas City Chiefs logo  Eric Berry  S
   Berry had 92 tackles, 2 sacks and 4INTs in 2010. Tearing his ACL in week one didn’t help. He should come back with a vengance this time.
 98  Oakland Raiders logo  Shane Lechler  P
   Lechler gets the nod because he is the most consistent punter year after year.
 99  Denver Broncos logo  Matt Prater  K
   With all the pressure on him with “Tebow Time” lurking in the balance, Prater nailed every clutch kick he needed to last year. The forgotten ensemble of the Broncos playoff hopes.
 100  Baltimore Ravens logo  Vonta Leach  FB
 The Fullback has been a lost art in the game of football. Leach, however is the best blocking FB in the NFL. I cannot fault that the NFL doesn’t use the FB position to more of someones advantage. The days of Mike “Your in good hands with Allstate” are gone.

Kellen Moore Signs With Lions

Instead of being drafted, Kellen Moore got flexibility in deciding what team he wanted to try out for in training camp.

Kellen Moore isn’t the greatest athlete. He doesn’t have the strongest arm. However, he was a winner. Who has the most wins in college football history? Who lost his four games by only a combined five points?

Oh yeah, that’s right. Kellen Moore.

Moore wasn’t the hottest guy leading up in the draft, but you figured he would get drafted. He isn’t the Tim Tebow of the draft, with the big grin, and he didn’t have the stats Tebow had, but they were both winners.

Drew Brees has an average arm. Lets face it, but he is dead on accurate. Just as accurate is Moore. People seem to knock Moore for his lack of size being 6 feet and 197 pounds. Drew Brees is 6 feet and somewhere around the 220 range, where over the last couple years Brees has been best friends with the weight room.

So what is the matter with NFL scouts? Ask the scouts and teams that passed on legendary Tom Brady 198 times.

Moore is a great fit with the Lions, and I think he has a real chance to make the roster as the third QB. As for starting, we will have to see if he can pull a Matt Flynn, because it only takes one time in the NFL to have every single team want you as their franchise quarterback.

Just ask Flynn yourself.

Case Keenum Signs with Texans

Case Keenum to be a Texan

Case Keenum just signed with the Houston Texans. He was the NCAA all time leader in passing yards and touchdowns.

Keenum went to school at Houston University and led the Cougars to multiple bowl wins.

Needless to say, he won’t have to leave home.

This is really a good fit for Keenum in my opinion in a similar offense to what he is used to. Working behind Matt Schaub, he will learn from another great passer. Good pickup by Gary Kubiak and company.

John Beck released by Redskins

Releasing John Beck was not the only wrong decision made Saturday by the Redskins.

Somebody had to go.

After RG3 was drafted with the second overall pick in this years NFL Draft, the Redskins made some questionable decisions. It started right away on day three of the NFL Draft, with the addition of Kirk Cousins, quarterback from Michigan State. It continued soon after with the release of former starting quarterback John Beck.

OK, I get it. Kirk Cousins is a great mid round, value type pick. He really is. He also has a chance to be really successful in a league that is ageless but always changing.  I see the gold in selecting Cousins in the fourth round. I really do. Why, would you pick after picking Griffin though? Daniel Snyder, your Redskins have been putrid for quite awhile now, and this is why. You draft horrible, you do terrible in free agency, and the team is not talented because of it. I promise, I applaud the move up to get RG3. I really do. However, when you go and get Cousins after you just drafted your franchise QB, that’s just flippin’ insane. I mean come on.

What a typical Snyder draft. It’s not like it’s Bill Belicheck reaching for guys that played Rugby and drafting them in the fifth or sixth round, because I have confidence in that working.

The problem is, Washington has not had a good head coach since Joe Gibbs after he retired the first time. And he was horrible during his time back. Mike Shannahan has also done awful since he returned to the game of football. Why? It’s a passing league, not a running league. That’s what these coaches are used to. That’s why they are now losing.

Back to the point, someone had to go. As expected, the Redskins made another horrible decision and let John Beck go. They kept “Sexy Rexy” Grossman, who somehow is still playing in the NFL after two— I said TWO—seasons in which he compiled TWENTY interceptions. What is it going to take for the ‘Skins to release the former Florida Gator?

Apparently, it’s going to take more than drafting two quarterbacks in the same draft to get rid of Rex Grossman. In Washington, 54 interceptons since 2006 is still good enough to stay on a roster.

As for John Beck, he was once coveted by Washington last season. After trading with Miami to get him, they started him in 4 games last year. He had 4INTs, which means he was on pace for 16 over the course of an entire season. That’s still less than Rex Grossman.

Last season, Beck went 80/132 for 858 yards before being replaced by Grossman.

This is why, year after year, when someone asks who will win the NFC East, people never say the Redskins.

You can blame Dan Snyder for that.