McCoy on the Block, Packers a Possible Destination

Colt McCoy may be on his way out of Cleveland.

Colt McCoy may be on his way out of Cleveland. The Browns quarterback is on the trading block after the team drafted Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden in the first round of last night’s NFL Draft.

Green Bay is one of the most likely targets. This is all speculation, but The Packer Report is reporting that discussions have taken place between the Browns and the Packers about a possible trade. McCoy could fit right in with the Packers and become a young, experienced backup quarterback in case Aaron Rodgers every went down with an injury.

If a deal goes through with any team, McCoy will likely be traded for a fourth round pick or later. Last season, experienced starter Jason Campbell was traded for a fourth round pick.

It is important to remember that a deal does not have to get down. Cleveland could keep McCoy and put him into a quarterback battle with Weeden for the starting job in training camp. The only reason the Browns might force the issue is because of Weeden’s age (28). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if Weeden is going to help a football team, he probably needs to start day one.