CFS Computer Rankings: Week 4

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The BCS Standings aren’t released until week 8 of the college football season. After doing my first ever set of computer rankings, I found out why.

Although computer rankings are supposed to objectively rank college football teams, clearly, after just four weeks, there simply isn’t enough data at this point to get a very accurate ranking of teams. No, computers don’t lie. But there is no substitute for actually watching games, which is why the BCS relies on two human polls for a more complete picture of the college football landscape.

It’s pretty clear from just looking at this computer poll that it is far from perfect. Oregon State is not the best team in the country. Iowa State is far from a top ten team. Louisiana Tech, San Jose State and Ohio don’t belong in the top 25. And even though USC and Oklahoma have struggled, they aren’t that bad.

The point of doing this wasn’t to really determine who the top 25 teams in the country are. No computer can do that ever, let alone in the first four weeks. And at this point, it’s still pretty unclear who the top 25 teams are to any human as well. We’ll know more in the coming weeks, and this ranking will become more accurate.
1. Oregon State
2. Texas
3. Notre Dame
4. Florida State
5. Florida
6. Alabama
7. Kansas State
8. Stanford
9. Iowa State
10. Georgia
11. Michigan State
12. LSU
13. Texas Tech
14. Ohio
15. Mississippi State
16. Baylor
17. Oregon
18. Cincinnati
19. Louisiana Tech
20. Oklahoma State
21. UCLA
22. South Carolina
23. West Virginia
24. San Jose State
25. Texas A&M
26. Arizona
27. TCU
28. Louisville
29. Ohio State
30. Clemson
31. Boise State
32. Wisconsin
33. Oklahoma
34. Tennessee
35. Arizona State
36. Nebraska
37. Rutgers
38. Miami
39. USC
40. Western Kentucky
41. Northwestern
42. Michigan
43. Washington
44. Virginia Tech
45. Purdue
46. Louisiana Monroe

About Blake Hofstad

Blake Hofstad is currently studying International Relations and Communications at the University of San Diego. He has collaborated with Daniel Evans on the OSF Network of websites for four years, and has also contributed to CollegeHoops.Net. Hofstad fiercely supports the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers despite his Minnesota upbringing, but follows both football and basketball religiously.